Who We Are?

Who We Are

We are glad that you are here!

New Grace Fellowship – God has graciously and lovingly knitted NGF as one family to gatherto worship and to enjoy the fellowship with God  and with believers.

The vision of our dear pastor is immersed in our hearts hence enabling us to carry out God’s plan mutually.  We lend out opportunities to the young and we get insight from the anointed to constructively use these last days for fulfilling God’s purpose.

We build churches and we enjoy building generations for the Lord. Our primary focus is to put on the image of Christ to become HIS worthy bride. Our utmost focus is to enter the Kingdom of God but not empty handed.

We invite you with love to be a part of this family. Come join us in worship and God’s word. We hope you experience the love of Christ and His presence. We’re here for you with open hearts and God’s love to give.

We are here to serve you.